Rattlesnake Season Is Upon US!

Make Certain You and Your Dogs Are Prepared to Stay Safe

Two ways to protect your dogs: 

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training: 
This training teaches dogs to recognize and fear rattlesnakes. A good trainer will teach dogs to sense danger using olfactory (smell), auditory (sound of the rattle) and visually recognition a dangerous snake. Warning, a shock collar is typically used in this training method.Local schedule: http://socalrattlesnakeavoidancetraining.com/Schedule.php
Rattlesnake Vaccine: 
Vaccinating your pet gives you more time to get them into a vet ER for treatment, additionally it can save you a money as the anti venom may not need to be administered.http://rattlesnakevaccinefordogs.com/index.html
*Always consult with your regular veterinarian before you vaccinate your pets.

Case of Mistaken Identity; 

Know the difference between a rattlesnake and gopher snake:

We need all snakes for vermin (rat, mole & gopher) control, many harmless gopher snakes are killed each year as people mistake them for rattlesnakes: 

1. Both rattlesnakes and gopher snakes shake their tails as a warning:
The gopher snake tail is silent.
The rattlers tails make a sound that you will never forget. Youtube video: 

2. Coloring and patterns are very similar but the shape of the head is the true give away.
The gopher snakes head is shaped like a shoe box.
The rattlesnakes head is flat and triangular or diamond shaped.

See video below: