Rat Poison is Deadly to Pets

Signs Your Pet May Have Ingested Rat Poison

If your dog has eaten rodent bait or eaten a rat that may have been baited you need to have a veterinarian administer the antidote ASAP.  
  • Remember that it can take days or weeks before symptoms show up in your pet.
  • Sometimes but not always you will see bright green feces
  • Coughing or belching
  • Bleeding from gums, nose, rectum or blood in urine.
  • Lethargy, fatigue, weakness
  • Pale gums, no color.
  • Drinking an unusual amount of water
  • Drooling, slobbering
  • Dog feels cold, may have the shivers
  • Muscle tremors, uncontrollable gait

It is important for human health that we keep vermin out of our homes and garages but we are accidentally killing our pets, our neighbor’s pets and wildlife by using poisoned bait.

Even if you feel you have put bait in a safe spot where your pets have no access you need to consider that rats and mice in wanting to take their loot back to their nests, often move the bait. Additionally if you dog or cat eats a rat that has ingested poison it then becomes a secondary poisoning and just as serious. Secondary poisoning is also responsible for the deaths of many hawks, owls and other birds of prey.

Ever wonder how professional pest control bait boxes work: The poison bait has a groove drilled thru the center for the purpose of dropping them onto spools inside the box, its a good plan except that rats often pull large chunks of poison off the spools. If they get waylaid along the route to their nests and drop the bait, your dog or cat can find the poison.

The LA Zoo had professional pest control bait boxes installed as they felt this would be safest way to control rodent populations in the park. An Orangutan noticed a rat run thru its cage, it just left a bait box outside the ape cage and was carrying a large chunk of poison. The orangutan caught the rat, killed it and ate the poison.

My own experience was that I was walking my dog and noticed she had picked up something from the ground that was blue/green and looked like detergent. I pulled it from her mouth and could see the spool groove down the center; it was half of an entire chunk of bait.  I noticed a black bait box in my neighbors yard about twenty feet away.

It is my opinion that snaps traps (placed out of reach of kids & pets) are the safest and most humane ways to kill rodents.