The Pawsitive Side of Digging

The Instincts of Digging!

Most of us who share our lives with dogs, at one time or another have return home from a long day at work to find the backyard looking like is was bombarded by asteroids!

Digging is inherent to your dog, no training needed. Before dogs were domesticated they dug for many reasons, to hide food, to make a den for sleep and whelping, protection from the elements and to chase a meal.

Despite our disdain for our favorite dogs re-landscaping techniques we can also think about how the digging instinct benefits our dog. 
The pawistives:
* A great workout
* Great for front leg and shoulder muscle strength
* Great for bone strength
* Great to keep joints lubricated
* It's intellectually stimulating
* It's fun; your dog has been assigned a work project
* It might deter gophers or moles from nesting and having babies in your yard
* Elevates boredom

If you are a beach goer you have probably seen a dog energetically digging in the sand, they seem to just love to dig. 
I read an interesting article written by a man that had Siberian Huskies, he had a large yard and he designated an area in his dogs to dig. He would burry something and then encourage the dogs to find it, once the hole was rather large he would cover it up and then start in another spot.

So, digging is good for our dogs albeit not our yards, I think it would be great if dog parks would add a sand box area so that dogs could dig, perhaps if was all made that suggestion to our local city dog park managers we may get them to try adding one as an experiment.